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Boys are wild and wonderful… but loving your sons is the greatest joy of all. The wild part can almost drive you out of your mind sometimes and run you ragged just trying to keep them alive. Stitches, broken bones, playing in the toilet, running into the road, getting stuck high in trees, sword fights, wrestling…all these things age a mama and keeps her on her knees in prayer. Boys aren’t like us. They were created to be just like us. We want to protect and keep them from doing anything that could possibly hurt them, but that isn’t the way God designed their warrior hearts.

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The wonderful part helps you endure the wild part. Hugs, kisses, bedtime prayers, pudgy fingers holding yours, hearing I love you all through the day, flowers pulled out of the yard for mom, a farm boy who has started writing his mama a letter telling her how much he loves her each day reminds you of what a blessing raising sons is. Teenage sons who want to talk long into the night about what is going on in their lives. It is a blessing.

Not an easy task…nothing in life worth doing is. It is one that shapes our own character. We often think parenting is all about raising kids. It is about molding and shaping them to impact future generations, but it is also about molding and shaping us into what our Creator created us to be. Nothing can bring out character flaws like parenting. You realize this when you ask yourself…did I really just yell at my child? Did those words come out of my mouth? How could a little person make me lose my temper so bad? It is indeed a humbling experience.

As mothers of boys we are raising men to impact future generations. Men are not viewed in a good light in our society. They are belittled and made to look unimportant.

God has put us here for such a time as this. Let’s not let this trend continue. We need strong families to raise strong children who stand firm in the truth. Not families who give in to the lies of society and Hollywood. Are they REALLY the examples we want to follow? Yet so many people refuse to stand strong and be different. Following God’s plan will make you different. But you will receive such blessings.

We want to raise leaders, heroes, great men of God who will take back America from the clutches of evil. It starts with us. It starts with Mom and Dad. It starts with a prayer warrior mother who knows her time and life is not her own. Our time with our children is so short. We need to make it count.

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We need to raise men of courage who will stand in the truth. This is accomplished more easily when the father is in on the task, but sadly, many men are victims of not being taught how to be a man or have suffered damage from their childhood. If this is your situation, God will give you what you need to do this, moms. Seek His plan for your life and for your family.

  • Start off your day in God’s Word: Ask Him for a fresh word for you each day. Soak yourself in His Word. Put on your armor.


  • Pray intentionally for your sons:  I believe a praying mother is one of the most powerful people in the world. Your boys need for you to be interceding before the Throne for them. Find a prayer plan that will help you stay on task and be consistent. 


  • Respect: Set an example of respect for your husband. Have respect in your home for each other. Respect and consider your son’s ideas and dreams. Appreciate your husband and sons and the manliness and warrior heart that you see in both. Compliment them. Ever notice how they walk a little taller after you compliment them?


  • Get organized: Okay…this probably seems out of place, but I know what not being organized or losing your way can do to a home and family. Our lives were turned upside down due to an extended family trial and I lost my way. When mama loses her way…it isn’t good. We are a rock, moms. Moms are a very crucial part to the stability of our home. 


  • Enjoy your sons: Have you ever noticed that the busier life gets, the less we enjoy our times with the ones we love? Everything becomes a burden. You can be with your children all day, but not really be present with your children. Our time is so short with our children. I know when you are in the midst of crazy times and they are little, you think the days will never pass. Believe me, they do. And very quickly. You will look back and wonder where they time has gone.


  • Don’t overschedule outside activities. Preserve family time. They really love family times {even though they may not tell you}. This is where the memories are being made. 


  • Make Every Day Count:  You can make ordinary days extraordinary. Or at least a fun day that will be etched in their memory forever. It doesn’t take much planning or creativity to make each day special. Put some flowers on the table, have a spontaneous dance party, surprise them with an ice cream sundae or a little trip to town for a special treat. Breakfast in bed or a picnic on the floor on a rainy day always brings big smiles. 


  • Have fun, be silly, play ball, color, play with legos, surprise them by doing something they don’t expect…get down on their level and reinforce that bond. Kids LOVE for your to take time to be in their world. You are filling their love tank. Get some ideas for making days special in The Cherished Home book.


  • Encourage them the be men. Since we are raising men, we need to start treating them like it. Let them open your door and do it for others. Have them unload the grocery cart and put the bags back in. Start handing over jobs and hopefully your husband is training them to do these things that they will need to know when they become a husband and father. Also train them to help you…they need to know how they should help their future wives and have a heart for doing so. Have a plan for all that you want them to learn by the time they leave your home. They should know how to run a home before they leave your home.


  • Love them: Love them, love them, love them through all the craziness of each stage, through all the attitudes and hormone changes, through the times when they are growing closer to their dad and learning how to be a man. Encourage them when they are faced with questions from society that what we are teaching them is the truth. Remind them that you are there for them and show them some of your love through things they like~ backrub, letter, special date, their favorite cookies. Give them a haven from the world.

Life is tough. Becoming a man in this day is difficult. Raise a man of courage.  A man has such impact on his family and his choices will impact generations to come. Men need to have courage. The battle is tough. The battle for purity, family, faith, and all that is sacred is a battle that cannot be fought alone…or faced with weakness. Fight for your family! God will give you what you need.



1} You must take care of yourself, Mom. You will crash if you don’t. Take it from someone who has done this. You can’ be all things to all people. Be careful with your time and what you commit to. Learn more here about taking care of YOU so you can be the mom your littles ones need.


2} On the days when your kids won’t sleep or your sons are bouncing off the walls {literally}, try essential oils. Just talk to moms of boys and they will tell you they work! Try some Lavender, Peace & Calming, Valor, Cedarwood, Vetiver to help you and your sons. Learn more here.


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