Hello! My name is Mary. Named after my sweet Grandma, I hope to be gentle, encouraging and a mama bear when needed, just like her and my sweet mama. I grew up in the country on a farm that my Grandparents and Dad started. I now live in my Grandparents’ house on the farm. I have lived in the same area for 39 years. I love home and never stray too far from it.

I have been married to my sweetheart for 15 years. I met him when I was 13 and later developed a crush on him that never stopped. I was best friends with his sister and miss her lots. She was killed in a car wreck a year before we were married.  Life has not been dull, to say the least. Always an adventure, always growing and learning.

Before I married, I became a teacher, after being homeschooled in high school. I loved my special time with my family while being homeschooled.  I taught 4th grade and Junior Kindergarten for a few years before staying home when our oldest was born. I enjoyed teaching and impacting the lives of many, but my heart was always to be a mommy. I love being a mom and enjoy homeschooling our 2 sons. I admit there are some days I miss toddlerhood and preschool when we could just have fun and do whatever. I am trying to bring back more of the “fun” in our homeschool and get over the teacher in me.

I am a farm girl and help mom with the bookkeeping. My brother manages the farm. I supervise the care of our 150 calves.  My brother and I make a pretty good team on the farm. We have 800 cows that we milk 3 times a day. Our sons adore living on the farm. They would rather be outside working than inside thinking and doing school.

I have always struggled with health problems. Thankfully my parents sought out the natural way, if possible. That love of finding an alternative is in me. I am passionate about helping people find out what is best for their health. I  LOVE essential oils and never go anywhere without them. I love educating people about using them for health and home. I even wrote a free guide to help you get started. If you decide to get started with essential oils, I have private groups that help you learn about them and how to make money if you are interested in that.

Something that has really helped improve my health is T-Tapp ~ an at home fitness program designed to heal from the inside out.  I became a  T-Tapp Trainer and personal fitness trainer.  That is the power of T-Tapp!  T-Tapp is an amazing workout that melts inches and helps with so many health problems. When I don’t T-Tapp, my health falls apart. I plan on getting healthier and fitter the older I get. T-Tapp makes this possible. I love sharing T-Tapp with others and have been doing it for years. So I became a trainer this year so I can make it “official”.

I started this blog originally as a place to share resources with others on homeschooling and health. It was just going to be a website for people to find stuff, because I was always being asked about things and decided to put it in one place. I wasn’t going to write, just post resources.

I began writing as a way to seek healing from some trauma our family has suffered in the last few years. I have talked a little about it along the way. Blogging became a way of healing for me. Writing is something I never knew that I loved. We have struggled with infertility, financial problems, deep wounds and heartaches. We know that God has a plan and is the healer. We have seen His love and know His mercy and grace. I know that we go through heartaches so that we can help others through their pain. I don’t want to miss being used to help others and get stuck in my own stuff.

This is a journey that takes a new turn each day. We never know where the bend in the road will take us or the mountains and valleys we will face.

I am thankful to have friends walking along the journey.  Thankful for all the new friends all over the world that I have made through this blog.

I hope to encourage you in Biblical living, marriage, parenting, homemaking, homeschooling, healthy living, and fitness as a new T-Tapp Trainer. I also like to educate about the amazing health benefits of essential oilsI have a passion for all of these things. It is my desire that women will rise up and take back the challenge of raising their children for the Lord, so we can change future generations and our nation.

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  1. Mary, thank you so much for sharing this. We too have struggled with infertility and many other struggles in our family. We were never able to have children and at 47 now, I have had to come to accept God’s direction in my life. Sometimes it still stings to think about it…but I know God has given me other responsibilities and blessings. I’m a writer as well and just found t-tapp again (I had found it years ago and incorporated some of the moves at the time into my gym workouts, but forgot all about it until I saw your blog post link on Facebook. Thank you! I’m really glad I found your blog :)


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