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An Example of a Modern Day Hero: Dr. Ben Carson

Modern-Day Hero: Dr. Ben Carson


A hero. Everyone needs someone to look up to. Our children are looking. Their first heroes are mommy and daddy and hopefully we will be good role models. As they are growing, we need to give them good example of people who are living their lives in a way that is courageous and honorable. As a mother of growing boys, this is important to me to find men who love the Lord, are determined, courageous, loyal, honest, humble, have grit and keep going when the going gets tough.

Dr. Ben Carson is one such man.


He was relatively unknown until his famous speech last year at the National Prayer Breakfast. Talk about courage...he showed it there. It takes courage to sit just feet from the President and share what is wrong with America and liberal policies. But Dr. Carson has shown courage before.

You might call him an unlikely hero, but isn’t that the case in many stories of heroes? No one thought they were hero material or had what it takes to make a difference. Dr. Carson grew up in Michigan, where he was raised by his mother, who had a third grade education. He struggled in school and had poor grades. Kids called him the stupidest boy.  But his mother believed in him and encouraged him to read and follow his dreams. Mom, you are important in encouraging your child.

He graduated from Yale University and went on to medical school. At age 33, he was the youngest director at the Johns Hopkins Medical Institute. He is well-known for becoming the first physician to lead a team in successfully separating twins joined at the back of the head in 1987. He became a world renown neurosurgeon. This all took courage.

He has received many honors and awards. He has a passion to help young people be successful, no matter their circumstances and has set up reading programs and a scholarship program. He is a Christian, is pro-life and isn’t afraid to speak the truth of the matter or share what he sees that is wrong in America.

In his new book, One Nation, he uses the problem solving skills that he used as a surgeon to tackle America’s problem.

 Dr. Carson Speaks Out

You can read more from a man who as a little boy no one would have thought that he would become  a world change, hero or author. He shares his experiences with others in his books:

Gifted Hands: Kid’s Kindle EditionGifted HandsThe Big Picture , Thinking Big , America the Beautiful, and Take the Risk

You can watch his full speech at the Prayer Breakfast here.

Hear Dr. Carson Speak

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Please visit the Spotlight on Dr. Ben Carson to see what others are saying and why you should learn more about this man.

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