The Premium Starter Kit is a FAVORITE around here. It is a great value (you get the products at about 50% off). It is the best way to get started. The best part is… did you know that you can get it free? That’s right, FREE!!

It is so simple because the oils speak for themselves! Here is how you can get a Free Essential Oils Starter Kit (reimbursed).

How to get your essential oil kit for free!

How can you get this amazing kit free? It really is simple!

1~ If you haven’t already purchased your kit, you will need to do that first. But don’t worry…You can get reimbursed for it! Go ahead and get your kit here. (I’ll send you some fun welcome freebies & learning materials!) Plus you will get support and education from my team, no matter where you live.

2~Next, you need to share with 3 friends. Who do you know that could benefit from the products… a diffuser and the oils? You have until the end of your enrollment month to share so you can earn your kit for free (you will get a check from the company to cover the kit you already purchased). You don’t even have to wait until your kit arrives to start sharing!

Are you reading this AFTER your enrollment month has ended? Don’t worry! You can still keep sharing! You will need to have $100 PV in the month to get the $50 bonus from new Premium Starter Kit signups. {We have an optional simple loyalty program called Essential Rewards to help you get the most benefit for your family} 

Found your friends and they are ready to get that great kit?  Give them this link, but be sure to replace the blanks with your member account number

There you go! This is how simple it is! Go through these steps and share from your heart! The oils will speak for themselves. For each friend that signs up, you will receive $50 for sharing something that you love! (*with a qualifying month)

Do you need help sharing? That is a great part about being on my team… I will help you share and learn how.

How to get your essential oils kit for free

Still have questions? Want to read more about essential oils? Check out my Essential Oils Page to help you or message me.


*What is a qualifying month? To earn bonuses and commissions on new signups with the Premium Starter Kit, you will need to have $100 PV that calendar month. Essential Rewards is a great way to do that so you are shopping at wholesale and earning bonus points at the same time.