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Do you have 15 minutes a day to workout? It many seem impossible, but I bet you do. This is my favorite workout ever…and believe me, I have tried lots of them. No more trying to find the “magic” workout dvd~~I am getting rid of all the others because this is all I need. I am so thankful that I learned about the T-Tapp workout. I am a Certified T-Tapp Trainer~ how amazing it was to be in Florida certifying in front of Teresa Tapp (the creator) and have one more online class.

Teresa Tapp is creator of T-Tapp. I have had the privilege of winning two contests and going to the T-Tapp Retreat in Safety Harbor, Florida. What a TREAT to meet Teresa, her staff and T-Tappers from all over the country and world! T-Tapp is NOT tap dancing. T-Tapp is a series of copyrighted, sequential movements designed to put the body in proper functional alignment. It delivers strength, flexibility, increased lymphatic function, hormonal balance and total body results. You can accomplish so much in 15 minutes!!

What can T-Tapp do for you? Read here for a description of the T-Tapp Workout.

There are ways to sneak in workouts and they are GREAT for busy momsand others not even know-the way you hold the shopping cart, the way you sit, the way you stand, ribs up and lats set… all of this contributes to the success of T-Tapp is reshaping your body and melting the inches.

What did T-Tapp do for me? The main benefit of T-Tapp for me is the improvement in my health. I have suffered from endometriosis, chronic fatigue syndrome, lupus symtoms, fibrocystic breast disease and other issues. T-Tapp is amazing for all those isses and many more! I lost 21 inches the first contest and 23 inches the second. Life had thrown us for a loop in between contest, so some of my 2nd set of inch loss was re-losing the first. GREAT NEWS! T-Tapp has memory!! If you let the inches creep back on from stress, eating junk, and lack of T-Tapp or exercise, once you start T-Tapping, it comes off FAST!!

This is a video of my emotional testimonial in front of Teresa and the attendees at the retreat. She sits and listens for HOURS as we share our stories I was overwhelmed at how much she cares about her T-Tappers. Here I am in 2009 at the retreat:

Here I am again in 2010. I obviously like that shirt or had no idea they were videoing and would put it on You Tube. 😉

{ABOVE}With Teresa Tapp at the 2010 T-Tapp Retreat at Safety Harbor, Florida.
New Trainer

{ABOVE} At certifications 2012! I am so excited to be a trainer! And that my body can keep shrinking!!

Does it sound to good to be true? Teresa wants to to know what you are getting. Try Before You Buy allows you to sample some of the exercises.

Click the picture to learn more about T-Tapp or to purchase…

Where To Start?

There is a lot to choose from when you visit the T-Tapp Store. My recommendations:

Basic Workout Plus ~ You can get fit in 15 minutes!!

Total Workout ~ This ramps it up. It includes Basic Workout Plus, plus Hoedowns and then the remainder Chapter 5 fromTeresa’s book Fit and Fabulous. (55 minutes)

MORE Rehab Workout ~ created for those who have MORE to lose, MORE health issues to overcome (frozen shoulders, bad backs, knee problems, arthritic conditions) or MORE birthday candles on the cake (degenerative spine and joint issues usually increase with time without proper movement). Includes 5 workouts on one dvd, all less than 20 minutes, both standing and seated workouts.
Basic Workout Plus and Cellulite Removal Technique Skin Tightening System Set ~ Get Fit in 15 minutes using Basic Workout Plus DVD and then get rid of cellulite fast using Teresa’s Dry Skin Brushing Technique to stimulate the lymphatic system and break up clumps of fat under the skin. The Skin Brushing Technique combined with supplements tighten the skin naturally and from within. Includes 4 exercises designed to target cellulite.
Fit and Fabulous: Drop 2 Sizes in 4 Weeks ~ In her book, Teresa goes through the background and basics of T-Tapp. She takes you step by step through the Basic Workout Plus and Total Workouts. It includes a God Made, Man Made Eating Plan to help you on the road to health. Includes a bonus DVD to tighten and tone your abs!!
Dry Skin Brushing, Tone Your Skin and Fight Cellulite  ~ learn how dry brushing can help your health and your skin. 





Check out TappCore– Teresa designed this for students and teachers and includes 9 short, mindful movements. My kids enjoy it and I do too! This is excellent for when you don’t have much time. This is great to include in your home, homeschool, or co-op.



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