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Do you love your life? Do you wake up excited about the day ahead and feel fulfilled when it’s time for bed? If not, let’s Change it!!

Do Your Love Your Life? Learn how to create a life you love!

You may be in the habit of being grateful. You may even keep a journal just for that purpose. But when your head hits the pillow at night, are you smiling? Exhausted from pouring out your skills and talents into those people and things you love? Or are you just worn out and already dreading the next day?

Every day is a gift but you may not feel like you are opening up a gift each morning. Every day may seem more like a burden and struggle. 

It is time to change that. I know. I have been there. Did you know you can change it and enjoy your life? It is possible and I have something that has helped me and I know it will help you. 

Yes, we can be grateful in all circumstances but why not do everything you can to LOVE your life while you’re here? Every day is a gift but unless you know the answers to 3 important questions, you may not feel like you are opening up a gift each morning.

Are you clear on these questions? If not? Let’s Change the direction you are heading:  

  1. What is your God assignment?
  2. What is your definition of success?
  3. What are your priorities in this season and how can you live into them on a daily basis?


Are you living the life you love or do you need to change it?

Online Course from the iBloom Team

How to Create a Life You Love!

My dear friends at iBloom are on a mission to revolutionize the way women do business and live life. I’d love for you to meet them! I have worked with them for several years and they have changed my life and future. They are wanting to help you create a life you love too! Use the coupon code LOVELIFE to get this online course FREE! Yes, FREE!!

If you feel weighed down by responsibility instead of inspired by possibility, something is wrong. There will be hard days, but more often than not, iBloom is helping me learn how to wake up excited about the day ahead and feel fulfilled when it’s time for bed. You really can love your life! Join me to find out how to make the changes that make all the difference.

If you are curious about what it takes to create a life you love, join me. I have been blown away by the value I have gotten from every iBloom training & product I’ve experienced. I hope you will check it out!

Let’s work together to create the life we love and make a difference for our family and the world. Use the coupon code LOVELIFE to get this online course FREE! 

I'm Ready to Create the Life I Love!!

The life you love is waiting. Don’t put it off any longer. I can’t wait to see what this journey will bring and I look forward to walking with you during this season of change as you create the LIFE YOU LOVE!

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Mary Clendenin

About Mary Clendenin

Mary Clendenin lives on the family farm with her husband and 2 sons, whom she home schools. She enjoys farm life with her guys, gardening and making memories with her family. She loves to help others learn how to live a healthier lifestyle, learn about natural remedies and how to do business at home. Mary believes that home and family is your first ministry and a legacy that will live on long after you are gone.

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