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How to Make Your Marriage Go the Distance: 5 Tips to Staying Married 55 Years Call

Marriage is a wonderful thing! It can bring so much joy, but it is not always easy. It takes work… individually and as a team.

When we first get married, we have dreams of what life with our love will be. We have plans, dreams and believe that our marriage will be different…we won’t be like other unhappy couples we know and certainly never argue.

Then life happens. You have that first argument. You are living with your love day in and day out. The things that you once adored are now driving you crazy. You also learn that true love takes on a different meaning.

We first see true love through immature eyes and it grows and it grows and matures into something different. True love isn’t all about the romance, flowers and dreams. True love can be doing something for your spouse that you don’t enjoy doing. It can be getting up with the kids at night so your exhausted spouse can sleep, even when you are exhausted yourself. Taking care of each other during sickness.  Putting each other first, loving and supporting each other, doing little things your spouse loves. It is the little things you do daily to show love and commitment, not just the special gifts and romance on Valentine’s Day.

A happy marriage doesn’t just happen… it takes daily commitment.

I am delighted to be able to share with you words of wisdom from two people who are helping to change lives, Dr. Jack & Dr. Lavonne Atnip of The Encouragement Center.

They have been counseling others in all walks of life and all types of struggles for 42 years.  Dr. Lavonne has become a treasured friend and mentor in my own life.

Dr. Lavonne and Jack Atnip

I would like to invite you to invest in your marriage by getting the recording on How to Make Your Marriage Go the Distance: 5 Tips for Staying Married 55 Years. 

Dr. Jack and Dr. Lavonne have been married for 55 years and have much wisdom to share on this subject. You will learn how to cultivate a successful marriage and how to help it to go the distance. There will be struggles and roadblocks all along the way, but you can learn to navigate them and experience true joy in you home.

In this call, you will learn about:

  • Conflict and Conflict Resolution
  • Peace is Better than Being Right
  • Sharing Deep Emotions
  • Validation
  • How to be a Giver

Plus, other great tips and questions answered!!

Add this call recording to your marriage toolbox for the incredible price of just $27. Just think… $27 is so little to invest in your marriage. How might this call change your lives? Not only your lives but generations to come.

Sessions are normally almost $200, but I am delighted to bring you, my readers,  a special for Valentine’s Day. 

You will honestly be blessed and feel equipped to make changes in your marriage to make it the best it can be!


About Jack & Lavonne Atnip

Who are Jack and Lavonne Atnip?  They are very successful business owners who started the Encouragement Center 30 years ago, with the goal to being able to  help those who have reached out to them.  Lavonne has been coaching and counseling for over 30 years, and Jack has been counseling for over 27 years.  They have been married for over 50+ years, and have raised a family successfully.  Lavonne and Jack both have a PhD in Psychology, as well as several Master degrees.

You can read more about them at The Encouragement Center.

What people are saying…

“Jack and Lavonne poured wisdom in our family and into our marriage that has allowed us as husband and wife to grow closer and stronger in our marriage and come together as parents in parenting our children.  We totally appreciate their caring and sensitive handling of delicate situations and their direct and straightforward guidance and direction.”  Art & Renee


Get the call recording for $27!!

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