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Have you taken the plunge as a Young Living Distributor and ready to go or are ready to take your business to a new level? Working your business online is a great way to grow! This resource page will help you with social media, blogging and leading your groups online.

I have grown my business mostly building online. I do some local classes and events but the main growth has come from online building and educating and leading my team online. Even if you aren’t interested in blogging, I bet you are on some social media platform every day and you lead a group of oilers on Facebook. If not, that is a great place to lead your team!! 

{If you are not yet using Young Living and want to learn more… head over here. If you are, be sure to stick with your great team and reach out for support if you haven’t connected with your leadership yet ~ there is someone there to help you succeed…I  promise!}

If you are ready to take the plunge to build your business online, check out our new course, The WWW Way here.


Okay. You have your kit. You have fallen in love with the product and want to shout it from the rooftop!!! Now you are asking… how to get started?  {Keep reading if you are ready to take it to the next level and get started quickly}

Be a Product of the Product ~ use it and learn about it but DO NOT wait until you feel you are ready to share. You will NEVER feel like you know enough if you compare yourself to others. Just think about all the people you are depriving by not sharing and waiting until you feel ready. It is really just fear holding you back. There are plenty of resources at there to help you and to point others to. You don’t want to be the resource everyone is turning to. Because that will overwhelm you and then set the example that people who want to start doing this have to do the same as you. 

Set up Essential Rewards ~ You will need to invest a small amount in your business ~ any business. This is just how it works. With Young Living, you will want to be on Essential Rewards, our monthly healthy lifestyle box. To receive all the commissions and bonuses, you need to order $100 pv. I recommend working toward the $300 pv level to get ALL the monthly freebies and points. If this seems too much in the beginning, gather orders from friends and family. Learn how to get on Essential Rewards here. It is important to make the lifestyle switch. Kick the toxins to the curb. Not sure that you know what to do or have room in your home for more than oils? Check out the Ditch the Chemicals Sheet and download the EWG/ Think Dirty App and start scanning and switching!  

Your Personal Link:

You want to get your sales link so that when people order oils, YOU get credit!

You do so by inserting YOUR member number where the XXXXXXX are into this link:

You can also grab this link in your virtual office: Log in at with your member number/username and password and find your personal link under Member Resources and choose Link Builder.

You’ll want to start sharing this link with family and friends who are interested in purchasing Young Living essential oils. Share on your Facebook page or add your member number and email it to people interested.



Social Media:

Ready to start spreading the word about YL on Facebook and other social media? Social Media provides a great way to let people have a glimpse into your life. You will start off on your personal page just sharing… like sharing with a friend about a new restaurant, because that is just what we do. But pay attention to Facebook’s policies. You will want to get a Facebook Business Page to do the bulk of your work. Just google setting up a page. And pay attention to what Young Living says about naming your page. 

Be sure your profile and business page is updated with a picture of YOU that people can recognize. This helps them connect with you. 

Be YOU ~ Type your posts how you talk. Don’t get all salesy or take on a different tone. Try it ~ type a post just like you would speak it. Friends can hear you talk like that and others will learn more about the real you. 

Tell a Story ~ Tell YOUR story. Craft your posts about using oils just like you would share with a friend. Don’t just grab the product description off the company website, tell a story about it and how you used it! (Complianty, of Course)

Keep it fresh and real ~ bring a fresh perspective to social media about these amazing products. Keep it compliant and share from the heart. Let people see the really you. If people read another “all is perfect in my life post” they may not like you, lol. Seriously. Keep it real. If you raided your child’s Halloween candy stash, tell it and what you did to fix it, lol… peppermint in your water, anyone? Digize on your tummy? Ocotea or Slique to support normal blood sugar.

Be Honest ~ You love your oils. You do and want the world to know. But what if lavender didn’t help you sleep that great? And Cedarwood did instead? Or Peace and Calming? Be honest, be real. People will trust you more and think…wow, she really does care and isn’t just selling!

Value ~ Provide value. People come to your page for value. Not to learn all about you but how you can help them. Really. And you don’t have much time to show them. Hence the need to have And don’t have every post an oils post. mix it up with Real life, recipes encouragement and everyday oils stuff.

Protect your community ~ Your page and online community is your tribe. Protect it. Don’t allow arguing and bashing to you or others. it will happen. It is like your home. Would you allow people to come into your home and do that? Same on your page to a degree. There is a ban and delete button for a reason. You will feel bad at first to use it. Then you will realize that you become a momma bear with your community.  

Facebook is the easiest one to get started on and a place where everyone seems to gather.

Instagram is also a great way to share and tell your story. Use great images that catch people’s attention (see below about images). Have your sign up link or website link in the profile since you can’t click on a link in the post. Hashtags are huge on Instagram. #hashtagaway #essentialoils #yleo #naturalhealth    ~ search and find your people and community!!

Would you like to learn more about growing online and social media? We are launching a program called the WWW way that will help you with that in a deeper way. You can get on the wait list for more info here:



A pretty image goes a long way. People will scroll past words. {Much like you want to on this page because I don’t have pretty and fun images up…yet… LIFE ~ check back because you will see how eye catching images about the different sections will make you WANT to stop and browse.} But an image that tells a story will make you STOP and see what it is all about.

Make your pictures fun and your own brand. Don’t crop someone’s information off of a picture or graphic that they worked hard to create and share it as your own.

  • Get images from YL’s Flickr Page   Use PicMonkey to add wording or your member number to the images. On your phone, download the Word Swag app and have fun!
  • Check out Oil Revolution Designs to help you get started quickly.  I love the vault to get access to all past images. They are personalized with your info.
  • Another option is to take your own pictures of your products! Make them as professional as can be but also comfy and cozy at the same time. Learn about taking great pictures here



You earn $50 per sign up, if you placed your order ~ do it on Essential Rewards ~ so you need to invest some of that back into your new member. This is a business and you are a business owner so there will be expenses. A thank you note and little gift is a nice way to welcome them. 

Life Science Publishers ~ this is a great place to get all kinds of books for welcoming your new members and following up over the next few months. Also great gifts for birthdays, oily anniversaries and rank ups.


Business Resources:

Gameplan: The Complete Strategy from Starter Kit to Silver ~ probably why you are here in the first place, but if not, grab the book here

Workbook ~ Great way to keep you focused and work through the 25 Day Bootcamp {find all the videos here at the main site  {be sure to check out the freebies too!}

Getting Noticed ~ no nonsense guide for standing out and sharing

The Four Year Career

Road to Royal

How to Be a Stunning Success in Network Marketing

How Big is Your Wave 

Hustle with Grace Facebook Group


Kick off Your Business Online FAST: 

Your Personal Link

You want to get your sales link so that when people order a PSK or order oils, you get thank you check from Young Living! Many people do not understand that they are connected with someone in this business. Be sure to share your Member number or they may end up with a random person… just because you didn’t tell them about your link and number. I’m sure they would rather help you and learn from you.

You do so by inserting YOUR member number where the XXXXXXX are into this link:

You can also grab this link in your virtual office: Log in at with your member number/username and password and find your personal link under Member Resources and choose Link Builder.

Share this link with family and friends who are interested in purchasing. Share on your Facebook page or add your member number and email it to people interested that you have communicated with.

Direct them to a Page or Website

You can always send people to and make sure they have your member number to get started, but it is nice to have a special place to send them. You will want to set up your page to send people to, which includes your sales link with your distributor ID so you get credit. This is important since it’s how you share and make sales. It’s also good to have for people who are curious about oils and want to see what you do or who want to make a purchase. Let the page and materials share the benefits of Young Living oils, while you share your story.

You can do this by creating your own website or just getting a YL Dist website for now so you can get started right away. See mine at ~ if you want one of your own, go to the end of the page and click Get a Website Just Like Mine to get set up quickly.
More thoughts if you have your own blog already:
  • Type/speak in your own voice… be real and share from your heart. Follow the social media tips.
  • Be sure you talk about how much you love Young Living and why? Let’s not trash competitors.
  • Share about the Premium Starter Kit since it’s the best deal. Period. 
  • See an example of mine at

 {If you want to learn how to set up a blog, keep scrolling for that section}


Follow Up & Communicate
 Communication is key. People are trusting you with their money and health. Send a handwritten thank you note right away with your welcome package.  Keep track of when you need to follow up and send gifts or info. Use this New Member Checklist to help you or create on of your own.

If you have an email service like Aweber, you can schedule welcome emails and a follow up series. … 

How to follow up?  
  • Thank you/introductory message right after a purchase. Be sure to show them how to be part of your learning groups on Facebook (see info below)
  • Follow up a few weeks later to see if they have any questions and if their kit has arrived and walk them through it.
  • Be consistent about following up regularly for the first few months to educate and help them fall in love with our products and make them aware that we are more than oils. Send them the Ditch the Chemicals sheet.
  • Consider a monthly newsletter that includes oil testimonials, shares the monthly oil special, and any other relevant information.
Be sure to email retail customers so they know what they are missing ~ the 24% discount!! You’ll also want to follow up with people who start to purchase a kit but then don’t complete their order ~ they will show up under the new prospect tab. Be sure to follow up!! it will make such a big difference.

Leading Your Team in Facebook Groups:
This is a great way to connect your team no matter where they live. And even if they live close to you, this will help you free up some time and keep everyone informed and educated. Set up a secret or closed group for your downline members and customers. Post regularly in there… I am in there multiple times a day educating and posting tips. Other leaders help answer questions to help take the burden off and it gives them a chance to step into a leadership role.
You can have one big group or one for education and one for business builders. The key is interaction and keep it fun!!! Fun and being spontaneous is not my natural personality but I have been working on it. You have to speak to ALL the color personalities or you will lose people and have a team just like you. We need to talent each color and person brings to the team. Know YOUR strengths and weaknesses and enlist other leaders to help you make it the best group you can. 
Make it a place of education. The key to really growing this biz is educating and helping people make the lifestyle change. Helping them understand WHY they need to be on Essential Rewards. Letting them know about back in stock products and how to use them. This is the hub of keeping your people informed.

Information can easily be lost in Facebook groups so grab the permalink by clicking the time and grabbing that url and posting them in a document in the file section. Do a weekly summary or organize by subject like “all about ER” or “product videos”. You can also store images and documents in dropbox or google drive and share links in your group. 

You will find that your group and team will become like family. And you can help move that along by the culture you create. Make it fun, show them you care as the leader. In your education group, throw in information about the business. Don’t assume that people aren’t interested. Don’t make assumptions but put it all out there for people to decide. 


Blogging is a good way to share about things you love and are good at. Do you love to write? Take pictures? Create recipes? Do DIY projects? Encourage and write from your heart? A blog might be a good way to share about what you love and reach more people. It is hard work… just like getting out and doing classes but it can be rewarding and work better if you are in a season that leaving home is difficult. 

The steps for creating a blog are outlined in Chapter 15 of Gameplan and will be updated here.

Bluehost ~ rated #1 for WordPress Sites. I have used them for years and love it.

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