Young Living Essential OilsExperience Essential Oils

Have you ever smelled a flower and felt more peaceful?

Or tasted or smelled a lemon or orange and felt more invigorated?

Then you are already experiencing essential oils and practicing aromatherapy.

Essential Oils are a wonderful part in helping us feel better and live better.


What are Essential Oils?

Have you ever picked a flower or brushed your hand across a bush and enjoyed the delightful scent?

Have you enjoyed the delicious liquid of an orange?

You have already experienced essential oils. Essential oils are the lifeblood of the plant and carry nutrients and oxygen to the plant. They are the aromatic liquids found in trees, plants, bushes,roots and seeds.


How Do I Use Essential Oils?

This is the big question when getting started. Everyone has it. I did. Now essential oils are used daily in our home.  A few of the ways that we use them are: helping us sleep, calming upset tummies and nerves, making the house smell better, boosting our immune system, helping ease seasonal sniffles.When in doubt, open the bottle and smell or rub on the soles of your feet.

These are just a few of the many ways that we use Young Living Essential Oils in our home for our health. That doesn’t even include the cleaning part.


Why Choose Young Living?oil

After much research, we chose Young Living. It is a company that has been around since 1992 and produces the highest quality essential oils (above organic) that met our standards with the “Seed to Seal Process”. They own their own farms around the world  ~ I have visited and worked at one of them… amazing!!  They weed by hand and use their own oils for pest control. The oils are distilled without chemicals. By using Young Living, I know that I am getting the pure oil in every bottle, not just a percentage of the oil and the rest is chemicals and additives. Their essential oils are 100% pure, safe and highly effective.


The Young Living Premium Starter Kit ~ NOW ON SALE!!!

Young Living offers a very affordable way to get started and is great for those new to using essential oils. While they offer several choices, the Premium Starter Kit is the best value. The kit comes with 11 oils , a home diffuser, a rollerball for your bottles, lots of samples and literature to help you get started! The kit retails for over $300, but as a wholesale member you get a 50% discount. Such a great deal to help you get started using essential oils for your family.

Save $10 off with Young Living  Essential Oils


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 Join My Essential Oil Team:
If you are ready to purchase your Premium Starter Kit, I would love for you to use my link and join my team where I can support you! When you join my team, you will get:
Access to private Facebook Group for support and education
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JULY New Oiler Special:

Ready to explore essential oils? Get started as a wholesale member with a Premium Starter Kit and You will receive the follow gifts from me:


  • 1} Home Diffuser


Young Living Essential Oils Free Gifts

  • 2} Special Kit:
    • Travel Diffuser {extra diffuser on top of what comes in your kit}
    • Thieves Hand Purifier
    • 2 Spray Bottles
    • 2 Roller Bottles
    • Coconut Oil
    • Essential Oil Labels
    • PLUS, My favorite Reference Materials
    • Support, Training and Educational Materials no matter where you live
    • Interested in building a business? We train you in our systems for success. Biz is optional!!

    Get Started with essential oils and get fun bonuses!!

    3} Essential Oil Carry Bag

  • Color will vary. Holds up to 10 5-15 ml bottles

FREE Essential Oil Carry Bag

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 How to Sign Up for Your Young Living Starter Kit

1. Click over to the sign-up page (under sponsor #263267).

2. Select “Sign Up As: Young Living Wholesale Member”

3. The Enroller ID and Sponsor ID boxes should be filled in for you. If not, add in 263267 in both boxes.

4. Fill out all the information. Write down your username, password and pin for future use.

5. Select your Premium Starter Kit. I like the first one you see with the home diffuser.

6. Skip Essential Rewards for now ~ I will send you more info later. But if you know you are ready to get your family started or you like one of the kits, add it!

7. CONFIRM YOUR ORDER.  Don’t forget this step to make sure you have completed the process.

You are ready to go!!  I should receive an email telling me that you have joined and then you will receive a welcome email from me. If not, you can email me at and tell me that you have joined! I will send you some information and get you added to our private support group on Facebook.

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Do I have to buy product every month or sell it?

No, you do not. This is the way that you are getting your kit at a discounted rate. Kind of like going to Sam’s Club. You will also get 24% on anything you purchase after you get your kit. But you never have to order monthly or sell the products.

As a wholesale member, you do have the option of purchasing monthly and earning special points if you are making essential oils a part of your daily routine. And you also have the option to share oils with friends and family to help you earn a commission and pay for your oils. This has been a huge blessing in our lives. If you decide to sign up with me, you will be trained with our successful system that has changed lives.

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You have just taken an amazing step for your life and family by joining me in the amazing world of essential oils! You are going to be amazed and blessed when you take this next step. I look forward to helping you get started on your new journey!! The first step will be joining our private Facebook Group and diving into the resources that I will be sending you!