Do you feel like you’re drowning in your work and not getting the return you expected? Would you like to learn how to build your business both online and off?

Dear Small Business Owner—this isn’t a get rich quick scheme filled with false promises —this is for people who are really ready to work hard, learn new things, and activate what we teach you.

The 60-Day business intensive (now work at your own pace) for network marketers will help you take your direct sales business to the next level.  

If you’ve been frustrated trying to make money, build a team, attempting to build an online presence or just wanting to turn your wholesale membership into a profitable business, we get your irritation.  

It seemed like a good idea when you bought your starter kit, but months later you’re left wondering…”now what?”  Maybe you’ve even put in the hours–or more than your share of hours– and are simply feeling exhausted.  If that sounds like you, we’re ready to help! 

You’ll Learn:

  • How to build a website step by step.
  • How to use social media effectively.
  • How and when to do live events and classes.
  • How to create team leaders.
  • How to get people on autoship.
  • How to manage your time effectively.
  • How to create a God centered life and business that energizes you instead of draining you.
  • And more!

If you’re ready to increase your income and start treating your direct sales membership like a business, we are ready to teach you!  

This school of business is now a self-paced training that includes  video training, assignments and group calls.

It will be a 60-day intensive class (now work at your own pace) where we will teach you step-by-step how we build our businesses.  We’ll saturate our topics and help you manage your time and business hours to the maximum potential!

Let us show you how we built successful businesses with our company but the materials can be applied to other direct sales businesses!

I've been so motivated to really get down to the nitty gritty with my Young Living Business! These ladies are so inspirational, providing positive support every step of the way. Their gentle (but persistent) challenges are just enough to get me out of my comfort zone and doing the things I need to be doing to really grow as a business person without feeling like I'm going to fall off a cliff. And the information is presented in a way as to not overwhelm. These ladies are devoted to helping others and I'm so proud to be associated with them.


I’m so grateful to be working with Kayla, Mary and Joy as
 they are wonderful examples, mothers, entrepreneurs and women of faith. I
 am thrilled to be around like minded women. I am able to watch these women who are already successful and model their
 example of running a business without letting it run you! Our group has 
been a huge support and has answered many questions I’ve had regarding 
everything from Young Living, to blogging, to different technical questions 
that have come up. The weekly videos and PDFs have been very helpful and supportive and
 motivating. I feel connected and strengthened in this group. My only
 complaint is that I wish it would last longer! A big thank you to Kayla, 
Mary and Joy!!


This gave me the instruction and support I needed to be consistent in building my Young Living business. When my faith was lacking they helped it grow! The small group was great because we could help and encourage each other and everyone had great info to share. I will be a better leader because of it. I am so proud to know and get to work with these wonderful Christian business women!


This is unlike any other business training I’ve completed. I’ve benefited so much from my “front row seat” watching and learning from Kayla Howard, Mary Clendenin, and Joy Barth. These women are uber-successful with their Young Living businesses, so having the opportunity to be mentored and trained by them has been an honor and a privilege. Thanks to this program, I’m learning the best practices for building a business while keeping my priorities of faith and family. This group has given me focus and direction, accountability and camaraderie, motivation and inspiration, and skills and knowledge. I’m so very thankful to be on this team, sitting under this guidance and gleaning additional wisdom from other group members. It’s truly unparalleled!


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© Kayla Howard, LLC and Mary Clendenin/The Encouraging Home.  Disclaimer: this program was created primarily for our downline and is operated by Independent Young Living Distributors Kayla Howard 1237004 and Mary Clendenin 263267.   It is Young Living specific training for our team members but is applicable to most direct sales companies.  This program is NOT MARKETED TO OTHER YOUNG LIVING DISTRIBUTORS.  It is marketed as general business training for any direct sales company and any persons, no matter what company they represent, may purchase and benefit from this training.