5 Days of Essentials Oils & Free Guide

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5 Days of Using Essential Oils

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Day 1 ~ Introduction to Using Essential Oils

Day 2~ Favorite Oils

Day 3~ Building a Natural First Aid Kit

Day 4~ Summer Fun & Sun Protection

Day 5 ~Recipes

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  1. [...] 1 bottle of both Young Living Lavender and Peppermint Essential Oils from The Encouraging Home Young Living offers pure, therapeutic grade essential oils. There is an oil for just about anything and provides quality that you can trust for your whole family.  Lavender~ the “universal oil”. Never be without this. It is a natural antihistamine. Put above eyebrows and on cheekbones to help with allergies. It serves as a stress reducer, helps with headaches, burns, and bruises. You can also add it to face cream, rub it on your feet to help you sleep and so much more! Peppermint~ is one of the oldest and most highly regarded herbs. Known for aiding digestive and respiratory systems. Rub on it on tummies for an upset tummy, put a drop in water to soothe stomach or give a boost of energy. It also increases energy and boosts your immune system, relieves earache and aches and pains. Get a free Guide to Using Essential Oils for Health and Home here. [...]

  2. [...] Young Living Essential Oils Give the gift of health with Young Living Essential Oils. They are pure, therapeutic grade that improve your health and home. There are oils for about everything~ allergies, burns, bruises, cold, flu, insect bites. Get a free guide to using Essential Oils for health and home and find out how to get at a discount. Young Living Essential Oils | Guide to Using Essential Oils [...]

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