Free Download: Understanding the Constitution

This is a great resource for every family, but especially homeschoolers!!

Free Download: Understanding the Constitution

Constitution Book and Study Guide

Great Homeschool Conventions is honored to partner with The National Center for Life and Liberty and bring to you:

Understanding the Constitution:  Ten Things Every Citizen
Should Know About the Supreme Law of the Land


Understanding the Constitution

[limited time offer]


About NCLL 

National Center for Life and Liberty is a nonprofit legal ministry serving to protect and defend the Bible-based values upon which our nation was founded. NCLL will endeavor to protect and defend these important foundational areas that support our freedoms: Life Values, Constitutional Values, Church Liberty, Christian Education, and Homeschool Education.


About the Book:

The United States Constitution is the blueprint by which our nation’s government is intended to operate.  Yet most Christians, indeed, most citizens, have no idea what the Constitution actually says.  This book provides the basis for Understanding the Constitution and the Bible’s role in its development.  The book comes with a Study Guide useful for all ages from teens through adults.  It  is recommended for use by homeschoolers, Christian schools and colleges, and youth and adult Sunday School classes.

Hurry!! This offer ends August 28th at midnight. Head over to Great Homeschoool Conventions to get your free resource!

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