Ready for a Change? Check out this Challenge…

Ready to get fit? Time to Enter the T-Tapp 60 Day Challenge. Here's How!

Are you ready for a change in your health? Have you made some resolutions but have already fallen off that wagon? Or maybe you are looking for some inch loss. How about help with depression? I have something that helped me so much and I believe will help you too! The 2015 T-Tapp 60-Day Challenge … [Continue reading]

Have a Less Stress-Filled Christmas

Have a Less Stress-Filled Christmas

Christmas time, one of the most joyous times of year, can quickly turn into a pull-out-my-hair, if- someone-gives-me-one-more-fruitcake-I’m-going-to-throw-it, when-will-this-holiday-finally-be-over season.   When we should be celebrating the birth of the One who came to save us, we are stressing … [Continue reading]

Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Christmas

Christmas is a wonderful time of year. One way we enjoy giving gifts is in the Christmas stockings.  Digging in the stocking is usually about as much … [Continue reading]

Feel Behind for Christmas? Easy Countdown/Advent Calendars

Last Minute Advent Calendars

Ever feel like you are way behind in the Christmas spirit, fun, preparations and memory making? That is me. This year. I came in December behind. My … [Continue reading]

Our Favorite Christmas Movies

Favorite Christmas Movies

  Christmas movies warm the heart. They can take you back to a time that was so simple and humble. It can be a way to introduce you child to … [Continue reading]

Celebrating St. Nicholas

The Real St. Nicholas: Who he was and Why we celebrate his life

This year we are adding another tradition to our list...I know...adding another thing? And I am adding this at the last minute. I have always had a … [Continue reading]

We’re Giving $30 Per Person and Matching It

Help others by giving to Samaritan's Purse Minstries

So I missed Giving Tuesday while traveling.  I'll Call it Giving Week through Sunday, December 8th.  That works? We are always looking for ways … [Continue reading]

2 $400 Gift Card Giveaways

$400 Gift Card Giveaways ~ 2 different ones to enter!!

The time of year is a lot about giving. Loving and giving. I love giving and sharing with my readers. How much would a $400Amazon Gift Card to Amazon … [Continue reading]

Small Business Saturday

Support small business and your favorite bloggers on Small Business Saturday

Thank you for your support over the years! Today is a great way to support small business and your favorite bloggers on Small Business Saturday.  Here … [Continue reading]

Huge List of Black Friday Weekend Deals

Huge List of Black Friday Deals

Happy Black Friday!! I hope you had a great Thanksgiving! There are so many good deals around that I wanted to share them with you. Hope you find some … [Continue reading]

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