10 Fall Fun Activities

Wooden bucket filled with colorful tiny pumpkins

Fall is one of my favorite times of year. It is a really busy time on the farm... a time of harvest and preparation for winter. But I love the coolness of days, a reprieve from the heat of summer, that it brings. I love the shortening of the days so we can get in a little earlier and the boys don't … [Continue reading]

Young Living October Specials and Freebies

October Special

I have some fun freebies for those who join my Young Living Team as a new wholesale member with a Premium Starter Kit ~ and we now have SEVERAL different fun Premium Starter Kits to choose from...     The Young Living Specials that are added to your order if you meet the … [Continue reading]

I Could Have Done That: The Fruit of Perseverance

I Could Have Done That: The Fruit of Perseverance

Today's post is by my good friend and business associate, Kayla Howard... Look around you.  Can you name at least one person who has persevered … [Continue reading]

31 Ways to a Healthier You!

31 Ways to a Healthier You

Good health is a blessing. It usually isn't something you think about much until you have experienced poor health that you realize how important it … [Continue reading]

Making Your Home a Haven

Tips for making your home a haven

Home used to be a place of solace and rest. Sundays were the quiet day when everyone slowed down, enjoyed rest and fellowship. Now we are bombarded … [Continue reading]

Messy, Beautiful Love {Hope for Your Marriage} + Giveaway

Messy Beautiful Love Review

Marriage...a beautiful gift from God!! Someone to share your life with, your best friend, your soulmate. Marriage can be absolutely amazing. It can … [Continue reading]

It’s the Little Things that Matter to Your Family

It's the Little Things that Matter to Your Family

We do so much for our family…everyday, all day sometimes. But sometimes the joy in doing things for them and adding special touches gets lost in the … [Continue reading]

Be Thankful for the Gift of Today

Everyday is a gift. We often forget that in the hustle and bustle of life. We we practice being grateful in situations, it can transform most things. … [Continue reading]

T-Tapp Workout 57% Off!!

T-Tapp Workouts Discount

 Have you been looking for an at home fitness routine? Are you ready to get in shape before winter? Looking for a way to improve your … [Continue reading]

Blueberry Dump Cake/Cobbler

Easy  Blueberry Dump Cake/Cobbler

  This is an easy, yummy dessert. Great for family reunions, church socials or anytime! Did I say it is yummy?? Blueberry , Pineapple, … [Continue reading]

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