The Big Book of Homeschool Ideas is here!

Homeschooling. It can be so rewarding and overwhelming. It can leave you with so many questions and so much doubt. It can make you feel very alone and question your decision. I understand. So do all homeschooling moms. So, we wrote a book. In one book, you’ll find 55 homeschooling mothers sharing … [Continue reading]

Essential Oils Bootcamp: Helping You Learn More!

If you have been around a while, you know that one of my passions is essential oils. My journey with essential oils has been taking place for a long time. I love using essential oils for my family, home and farm. I study the use, effects and chemistry of essential oils on a daily basis. And it’s my … [Continue reading]

Build Your Own Bundle! Homeschool Edition

Build Your Bundle! Get ready for homeschool at a better price!

The “Build Your Bundle” – Homeschool Edition sale is here! For one week only (July 21-28) save up to 92% on bestselling homeschooling products, … [Continue reading]

Build Your Bundle {Homeschool} Pre-Sale Giveaway!

The first ever "Build Your Bundle" - Homeschool Edition sale is almost here!     You can enter to win $100 towards your purchase to … [Continue reading]

Tips for an Easier Flight {especially the first few times}

Tips for an Easier Flight

I have been flying a lot this year and each experience is different. Some are smooth with no problems and others keep you hopping and guessing. Either … [Continue reading]

How to Have Healthy Skin

Essential Oils for Healthy Skin

Did you know that in biblical times, women, like Queen Esther,  would have used essential oils, spices and other natural substances like for their … [Continue reading]

Flying with Essential Oils

I have been flying a lot this year...never without my essential oils!! My friend, Kayla, and  I made a quick video on one of the oils we use for … [Continue reading]

Essential Oils for Pets ~ Free Book! {And Visit Me at YL Convention!}

Essential Oils for Pets

  I am having a great time at the Young Living Convention and learning so much!   Guess what I just bought at the book store in at … [Continue reading]

Preparing for Mom to Go on a Trip


I am out the Young Living Convention this week with members of my team and lots of other people who love and know the power of essential oils! We will … [Continue reading]

Father’s Day Ideas

Father's Day Ideas

It is almost Father's Day...a day to celebrate our fathers and husbands. A day set aside to say "thanks for all you do and we love you."  Dads are so … [Continue reading]

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